A Safer and Easier Way for Victims of Domestic Violence to File Protection Orders

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Nevada’s eighth judicial district court will now offer electronic filing of guide and case protection order applications to make the process safer and more accessible for victims of domestic violence.

These guided forms can be filed remotely from almost anywhere, as long as Internet access is available.

Guide & File forms provide step-by-step guides and interviews that make it easier for unrepresented litigants to complete legal forms with fewer errors, reducing the risk of rejection. Like all Guide & File forms available from the court, protection orders are free to file.

“Making filing a protection order easier and more accessible means that a fearful victim of domestic violence is able to submit a technically correct request from their secure space without fear of compromising that safety by venturing away from it. here to find the courthouse to apply in person. . Therefore, these process improvements increase the likelihood that abused people will take this important step to protect themselves from their abusers, ”Family Division Presiding Judge Rebecca Burton said.

Family violence protection orders fall under the category of court family protection orders. Emergency Preparedness Orders can also be filed and include criminal harassment, child harm, sexual assault and workplace harassment.

Other guide and file requests available for the Eighth Judicial District Court include divorce, child custody, cremation, and name change. All of these forms available from the court, including protection orders, can be found here.

Those who might request assistance or further information can contact the following hotlines:

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