Astroworld security guards latest to press charges against Travis Scott – News

With 10 dead and hundreds injured, two Astroworld Festival security guards have now filed lawsuits against several parties claiming they were injured when the crowd crashed.

Uncle and nephew, Samuel and Jackson Bush, worked as security guards on November 5 at the festival.

They told reporters at a press conference on Monday that after the chaos, the couple suffered injuries while trying to help attendees get out of the crowds.

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The Bushes named 28 people and organizations in their lawsuit, including Travis Scott and his label Cactus Jack Records.

Rolling stone reported that during Scott’s headlining performance, Samuel was repeatedly stepped on, which broke his hand and resulted in back injuries. His nephew, Jackson, also injured his shoulder in the incident.

The couple were hired by security firm AJ Melino & Associates who they say took very little action to prepare their contracted employees. It was reported that security personnel did not have walkie-talkies, so not all of them were able to communicate with each other or even with their superiors when things started to get out of hand.

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The allegations in the lawsuit also suggest that the security company did not conduct any training or even verify that many of its employees were qualified. Jackson Bush said at the press conference: “For the most part, they told us where to stand, not to let people run in, to be safe and not to get hold of anyone. There was no training. “

Another security guard at the event, Darius Williams, said Rolling stone that he felt the company was rushing to hire people like he said, “If you look at my resume, I only have experience in hospitality and retail,

“It was like they just needed the bodies, like they were hiring someone who had passed a background test.”

[Via: Rolling Stone]

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