Candidates can file for the town councils of Brentwood, Oakley | New

Candidates for city council in Brentwood and Oakley have until August 12 to file their nominations. Approved candidates for both cities will appear on the general election ballot on Nov. 8.

This year’s city council elections will be district-based, unlike general elections in previous years. Both cities have approved district plans over the past year, based on population figures from the 2020 census. The data was used to determine appropriate district lines. This brings both elections into compliance with California’s voting rights law, which prohibits blanket voting methods that interfere with the ability of a protected class to elect its selected candidates or influence the outcome of an election. Brentwood is divided into four districts, while Oakley has five.

Both cities will hold city council elections for their respective Districts 2 and 4. Candidates must be residents and registered voters in the city and district they hope to represent. Each term of the city council is four years.

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