Can’t transfer contact list from Android to your new iPhone? Here are some simple ways

Have you recently switched from Android to the iOS platform? Transferring important files from smartphone to iPHONE gives you terrible headache. Don’t worry, most of us have faced the challenges and come out as winning warriors (at least for a part of it). While transferring app data can be intimidating, the same is not the case with transferring contacts. Also Read – You Can Now Unlock Your Hotel Room Using Your iPhone or Apple Watch

There are several ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone that you can opt for. While a few are basic, others require a little extra effort to save and send the entire contact list. If you’re having trouble, we’re here to help you make a seamless transition of contacts from your old device to your new one. Also Read – Google To Bring Android Games To Windows PCs In 2022

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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iOS in Two Easy Ways

Move to iOS app

Let’s start with the basics first. Apple created the Move to iOS app to make it easier to transfer data from Android to a new iPhone. The app allows you to copy all your data including photos, calendars and email accounts at one time. Here’s what you need to do-

-First, download the Move to iOS app from Google Play Store on your Android device.

-Once installed, open the app and tap Continue.

-The terms and conditions will appear, tap Accept.

-You will need to allow access to location, contacts, calendar, storage and SMS.

-At the top, the Find your code screen will appear, tap Continue. You will then be asked to enter the code.

-On your new iPhone, go through the setup process until you get to the Apps & Data screen.

-Choose the option “Move data from Android”.

-Then enter the code that is displayed on the iPhone on your old Android device.

– Following that, a data transfer screen will show where you need to select the content you want to transfer. Select Contacts and tap Next.

-Keep devices inactive until the process is complete, when done, tap Done on the Android device and Continue on your iPhone.

Using the VCF file

-Open your Contacts app on your app, alternatively if your contacts are synced with your google account, you can go to

-You can choose selected contacts or the whole list, then tap the three-dot menu or the gear icon to select the export / import option.

-You will find two options, tap on Export to vcf.file, if you do it through Google Contacts, select vCard (for iOS contacts).

– This will create a VCF file for your contacts in your phone memory.

-You can send this file to your new iPhone using iTunes or email it to yourself. But remember that the same email account must be signed in on your iPhone to download the file and save the list.

-You can also use your iCloud to copy the contact list, just sign in by entering the credentials and then tap on the Contacts option, after that tap on the three dot menu, you will find below the export / import option. Pressing it takes you to the page where the system saved the VCF file. Select it and follow the procedure. Your entire contact list will then be reflected on your new iPhone.

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