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Finding a good file converter tool can take some time, if you are only interested in popular and widely supported formats. If you add more obscure ones, things can get even more difficult very quickly. One problem with most traditional file converters is that they quickly become obsolete. As changes are rolled out in popular formats, apps need to be constantly updated to allow users to switch from one new version to another. This can make the experience frustrating.

Convertio does things slightly differently, as the app works entirely in the user’s browser. A simple drag-and-drop interface serves as a starting point for the process, and everything runs smoothly from there. The tool works surprisingly fast, especially for some more demanding formats that may require additional encoding. And because it runs in your browser, it doesn’t need any manual action to keep it up to date – everything is handled automatically on the backend.


There are three paid plans available for Convertio, but you can also use its tools for free online. (Image credit: Softo)

Packages and prices

The app has multiple pricing levels, one of which is free. However, free users have a number of drawbacks compared to paid subscribers, starting with a low limit of 100MB per file. Three premium pricing tiers are available, starting at $ 9.99 and up to $ 25.99 per month. The levels differ in their file size limit, the maximum number of conversions executed simultaneously, and the priority of the process. The last bit can be important for users who frequently need to convert large batches of files at short notice, as a more expensive level will give them a better place in the queue, reducing the length of the process.

File formats

Convertio supports a wide variety of file formats (Image credit: Softo)


Convertio supports a large number of files without requiring any special configuration. You can convert between different image, video and other media formats, as well as different types of archives and more. It only takes a few clicks to select the appropriate output format and configure the conversion with other settings, and the company’s servers process most file types fairly quickly.

Despite the wide variety of formats supported, some conversions only work one way, like converting between PSD and other image formats. This is usually not a big deal if the tool is used in combination with other smaller tools designed for specific formats. It’s a good idea to look for reports on converting between specific formats if you’re going to be primarily using the tool for them, especially if you’re planning on paying for a premium subscription.


Convertio has a clean and simple user interface which allows you to convert files directly in your browser (Image credit: Softo)

Interface and in use

Convertio is available in a browser and works entirely online. The interface is fairly straightforward compared to other file converter apps and doesn’t take too much learning to get used to. Still, Convertio offers various advanced options and it is an option perfectly suited for power users. Don’t be fooled by the web interface and the overall layout – it’s a tool with a lot of depth. In fact, it outperforms standalone apps in some ways, such as the ability to convert multiple files in parallel, the fact that conversions are independent of your own processing power, and the lack of strain on your system during the process.

There are still some obvious advantages to stand-alone tools, but these are limited to niche cases and not relevant to most people. The developers of Convertio seem to have the right idea with their approach, as a web application meets most of the requirements for a product of this type in the modern market, especially with the growing popularity of mobile devices.


Convertio has a searchable knowledge base that offers answers to common issues (Image credit: Softo)


The app’s help center is well developed, with many helpful guides and general articles on the various potential issues that one may encounter. Navigating the knowledge base and finding answers to problems doesn’t require a lot of effort, and the company is also responsive to requests for additional help. The tool generally works without any issues, and given its web interface, it doesn’t suffer from too many crashes and related issues. Most users will not need to contact company support for any reason during their regular use of the tool, but the support channel is reliable in all cases.

The competition

Most other file converters work as stand-alone applications, and those that work as web applications are generally not as diverse in functionality and format support as Convertio. That alone makes it stand out easily, and it is one of the most trusted tools of its kind out there today. The high cost of advanced premium tiers may be a disappointment for some users, but the price is more than justified by the functionality and reliability of the tool.

Final verdict

Convertio does its job really well, and it’s the perfect solution when you need to quickly convert something on the go, as well as for large batch jobs. You might need a more dedicated tool if you do it regularly and need to rely on a certain level of consistency, as the scheduling / priority system can work against you in some cases. But for everything else, it’s worth giving Convertio a try to see if it fits your needs.

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