Cordia Announces Crypto Food Hall NFT Collection

Many advantages for an independent restaurantants

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/February 1, 2022 / Cordia Corporation (OTC PINK:CORG) today announced the launch of the Crypto Food Hall ( NFT collection.

The Crypto Food Hall is a collection of chefs, menu items, and locations in a metaverse dining experience. The first collection of 1000 chefs will be released this month. Whitelisting and presale registrations are now open.

The Crypto Food Hall’s mission is to enable independent restaurants to participate in the NFT revolution without incurring the costs of building their own collection or having to develop technical expertise to support an NFT community.

The Chef Collection consists of 500 male and 500 female chefs with various items and different levels of rarity. The team consists of Chef Tasty, Chef Yummy, Chef Delivered, Chef Nasty and Chef ETH representing diverse cuisines, cooking styles and personalities.

Behind the crypto chefs are real-world menus that will be rolled out as part of Corida’s existing virtual restaurant program. Restaurants that have a crypto chef and wish to offer Corida’s virtual menus will not be charged a subscription fee for the first 12 months. Virtual restaurants are part of Cordia’s virtual celebrity dining service.

“Based on our past experience operating restaurants and developing virtual menus, we recognize that there is a growing need for demand generation by independent restaurateurs today. We have always believed that crypto and now NFTs can help attract new customers to local restaurants. Our Crypto Food Hall offers a very cost-effective and low-cost solution for restaurants to adopt NFTs without any of the challenges associated with building and maintaining a collection,” said Peter Klamka, President of Cordia Corporation.

Cordia has also pledged to use 20% of its secondary market royalties to purchase digital gift cards from any independent restaurant that has a chef. Gift cards will be distributed from time to time to members of the Crypto Food Hall community via drop.

Mint price per chef is expected to be $150.00 plus gas and goes on sale later this month.

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