Corey Graves Reportedly Removed From ‘No Contact’ List, Can Now Be Deleted

WWE announcer Corey Graves hasn’t wrestled since April 5, 2014, but that could all be about to change.

Corey Graves was forced to retire from in-ring competition at the end of 2014 on medical grounds due to concussion issues.

In the months and years that followed, Graves became an announcer, a role that has since brought him great fame. He first appeared on NXT and pre-show panels before moving to the main roster in the summer of 2016. The change saw Graves calling matches on SmackDown, WWE pay-per-views as well as his current house on Monday Night Raw.

Since retiring, Graves has not been involved in any significant physical contact on WWE television. However, that changed in November 2021, when he very briefly won the 24/7 Championship. While the physicality of the segment was minimal, it led some to wonder if Graves might be gearing up for an in-ring return.

A new report from Fightful Select has now confirmed that Graves’ condition has changed. In fact, the report notes that some sources claim Graves was cleared as early as 2020, but this remains unconfirmed. Although Fightful confirms that Graves is no longer on the “no contact” list. Once a person is removed from the list, it usually means that they have been deleted.

The report adds that they’ve heard of multiple placements for the advertiser, though it’s unclear if these placements are from Creative or from Graves itself.

Since Corey Graves retired from in-ring competition, Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage and Edge have all returned to action after believing their careers were over. Significantly, the retirements of Christian and specifically Danielson were linked to concussion issues.

Inside The Ropes will continue to update this story as it develops.

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