Denver CO Custom Brand Clothing | Launch of the sustainable screen-printed collection

With the recent announcement, Corporate Images has added to its sustainable apparel collection which includes t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies from companies including The North Face, Sport-Tek, Port Authority and District.

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All products in the updated clothing range are made from 100% recycled fabrics for less impact on the environment, while maintaining the high quality expected by consumers.

Due to the high environmental cost of making new clothes, finding ways to reduce the need for raw materials and water in the process is crucial to creating more sustainable practices. In addition, this shift must be adopted by major brands in order to have the greatest impact on the environment. Corporate Images’ announcement of its eco-friendly products shows how this change of status quo is both possible and affordable.

Every garment the company offers is made from recycled materials, reducing both the need to source raw materials needed for production and the amount of water needed for dyeing. For a single t-shirt, this process saves the waste equivalent of six plastic bottles and six weeks of showers.

Companies looking for customizable apparel items, such as branded shirts and hats, can get screen printing and embroidery options that also showcase their advocacy of eco-friendly products. This helps them promote their business while sending a message to their clients and customers for a sustainable lifestyle.

All brands working with Corporate Images offer a unique style and an eco-responsible support. These include The North Face’s sustainable outerwear collection which aims to fight climate change by offsetting emissions and Port Authority’s carbon-free polo shirts, hats, zip-ups and hoodies which are all carbon neutral.

Based in Denver, Colorado, the company has been creating apparel since 1979, giving it the experience and industry knowledge it needs to create high-quality, custom apparel for business.

A Corporate Images spokesperson said: “When you choose to buy low environmental impact clothing, you are doing your part to create demand for high quality products that make a difference.”

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Name: Karen Verkutis
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Organization: Embroidery By Design & Corporate Images
Address: 1020 West 1st Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80223, USA

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