Depress Me Not promotes mental health awareness with its collection of craft candles

These candles are for comfort and they are a reminder that people are not alone and incredibly important.

Finding rest after mental health issues can be difficult, but sometimes people find it even in small things, like scented candles. This is what Depress Me Not Candles wants to be for its customers. He wants to get the message across that when individuals light a Depress Me Not candle, they can be reminded that someone cares.

According to studies, nearly 50 million Americans suffer from mental illness. Depress Me Not Candle founder Divina Casila was also in a dark depression from an abusive relationship, suffering from chronic stress and numerous mental health issues. Fortunately, she now has support in the form of a romantic relationship with her children and her new husband.

It took a long time for Casila to regain her self-esteem and sense of worth, and she is still working on it. However, she is always on the lookout for new opportunities, and as she acquires the tools to rebuild her life, she discovers that certain small joys produce therapeutic effects. Candles were one of those delights.

“The soft light hypnotized me, relaxing my mind, body, and soul. Certain aromas dispelled my feelings of fear, anxiety, or stress, and my mood improved dramatically. That’s how Depress Me Not Candles was born. It’s more than just a candle. It’s about peace, hope, happiness and self-love,” Casila explained.

Depress Me Not candles are made from a combination of premium coconut and apricot, as well as a small amount of paraffin wax. Wax Away Your Worries, Candle Me Up – Pop-Art-ify Candles, The Scent of Love Customized Candles and the Lifesaver Collection are among their collections.

These candles burn much cleaner and last much longer than paraffin candles. They are hand poured and cured in small batches and infused with fragrance oils that are non-toxic, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. They use reusable and recyclable glass jars and eco-friendly, crackling, clean-burning wooden wicks.

The brand aspires to have a good impact on people with mental illness, to provide a friendly and goal-oriented environment for all members of the community, and to maintain an unwavering commitment to helping others and making the world a better place.

Depress Me Not candles will inspire others to build a brighter future for themselves by having a keen sense of problem solving and a love for mental health initiatives.

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Depress Me Not Candles provides artisan candles that are hand poured and dried in small batches and infused with premium fragrance oils.

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