DKMM will hold a latex paint collection event at the Marion County Fairgrounds

Residents of Marion, Morrow, Delaware and Knox counties can drop off used latex paint cans Saturday at the Marion County Fairgrounds.

Delaware Solid Waste District, Knox, Marion, Morrow (DKMM) hosts the fundraising event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Fairgrounds, 220 E. Fairgrounds St. in Marion. Only residents of Marion, Morrow, Delaware and Knox counties can participate. Anyone wishing to drop off old latex paint must have photo ID to show proof of residency.

The paint deposit fee is $2 per can with a limit of 10 cans accepted per participant. Paint cans should hold five gallons or less.

Angela Carbetta, director of Marion County Recycling and Waste Preventionsaid the paint drive is just one of many events DKMM offers for residents who need to get rid of household waste.

“We want to give people the option to recycle all of their items or dispose of them safely,” Carbetta said. “The only item we accept at this event is clean latex paint. One of our goals is to reduce waste and illegal dumping and we receive way too many paint cans dropped off at recycling sites in our county. Hopefully, by providing proper disposal or recycling opportunities, like on collection day, people won’t just leave paint cans in places they shouldn’t be left, because that’s illegal.”

Carbetta said that under EPA regulations, paint is considered hazardous waste based on its form, whether solid or liquid.

“In my 22 years here, painting has always been a challenge,” Carbetta said. “As a solid it’s not considered hazardous waste, but as a liquid it is. So we’re trying to educate people about drying and then disposing of it. But if it’s latex, we can run it through these disposals and do it in a new high-end fresh paint. And that’s fabulous to me.

As noted, only latex paint can be dropped off at Saturday’s collection event at Marion County Fairgrounds. No other types of paint or paint-related products will be accepted, including spray paint, oil-based paint, empty containers, unknown materials or other chemicals.

DKMM has concluded a contract with American paint recyclers of Van Wert to collect all latex paint for recycling. The company specializes in the recovery and recycling of latex paint and will tailor programs for organizations large and small, including solid waste districts and other public and private entities.

For more information about the latex paint collection event in Marion, go to the DKMM Solid Waste District website, or contact Angela Carbetta at Marion County Recycling and Litter Prevention at 740-223-4120 . For more information on recycling services in Marion County, visit the Recycling and Waste Prevention website

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