Donelon: File proof of Ida loss before Feb. 25 deadline – American Press

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon reminds policyholders of the upcoming deadline to file proof of loss for damages from Hurricane Ida. Most residential and commercial property insurance policies allow 180 days to file proof of claim. The 180 day period begins on the date of the insured event and February 25 is the 180and day after Hurricane Ida made landfall. Policyholders with questions about their proof of claim period should contact their insurer as soon as possible.

“Providing detailed proof of loss is a key part of the disaster claims process,” Commissioner Donelon said. “I encourage policyholders to ensure they provide their insurer with the necessary documentation to process their claim in a timely manner and expedite their path to recovery.”

Louisiana law states that when a catastrophic event occurs and civil authorities declare a state of disaster or emergency according to law, landowners within the declaration area shall have no less than 180 days from the date of the event to submit proof of loss to their insurer.

Policyholders who need to file proof of claim should review their policy and contact their agent, insurer or adjuster for advice on the exact deadline for their policy. If policyholders have been denied access to their properties by civil authorities during a state of disaster or emergency, they may have a few extra days to file.

Agents, insurers and claims adjusters can also advise consumers on which documents will fulfill a policyholder’s proof of claim obligation. Sufficient proof of loss could include the original damage claim, as well as photos, contractor estimates, receipts for temporary repairs, and any other documentation required by the company.

Anyone with questions about the claims filing process or concerns about how their specific claim is being handled by their insurer can contact LDI at 1-800-259-5300.

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