e-file, Free File and direct deposit

Tue March 29, 2022 2:30 p.m.

Using all three can simplify filing, save money, and avoid errors and refund delays

Submitted by the New York State Department of Taxation Finance

The New York State Department of Tax Finance reminds taxpayers that they can save money, avoid errors, and receive their full refund sooner by filing electronically with Free File software and choosing to file direct.

E-filing is safer, faster and more efficient than sending paper returns by mail. And you’ll get your refund faster if it’s deposited directly into your bank account rather than mailed as a paper check.

“Combining the power of e-filing and direct deposit is the safest and most efficient way to submit your tax return and receive any refunds owed,” the acting New York State Commissioner told the taxation and finance, Amanda Hiller. “We strive to issue refunds as quickly as possible, and you can help us by filling out an accurate statement and choosing to have your refund deposited directly into your bank account.”

To use direct deposit, simply check direct deposit on your tax return, then enter your bank’s nine-digit routing number and account number. For checking accounts, this information is available on your checks; for savings accounts, contact your bank.

If you choose to forgo the simplicity and convenience of direct deposit, make sure your mailing address is correct when requesting a refund check in the mail. Any errors may delay your refund.

Prepare and file your tax returns for free

The Free File software is now available on the tax service website, www.tax.ny.gov. Taxpayers with income of $73,000 or less in 2021 can electronically complete and submit their federal and New York State tax returns online at no cost.

To be directed to the free deposit options, simply click on File your tax return for free on the website of the tax administration. It’s simple, fast and secure.

To make sure you don’t pay a fee, you need to go to the tax department’s website to complete your return. You’ll save on preparation costs, avoid costly mistakes, and ensure you receive any refunds owed to you in the most efficient way possible.

Check the status of your refund

Taxpayers can also quickly view the status of their New York State tax refund at any time by using the “Check your refund» application on the tax administration website: www.tax.ny.gov. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to know when to expect your refund. It is updated daily and provides the same information available to our representatives over the phone – but without the wait!

You can also find out when your refund will be issued by signing up for tax department email alerts. Visit the tax service home page at www.tax.ny.gov and select “Subscribe” under the “Connect with us” header at the bottom of the page.

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