Earth Collection Ceremony for the Waldo-Hawthorne-Rochelle-Campville Community Commemoration Project

The Waldo-Hawthorne-Campville-Rochelle Community Remembrance Project, in partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative of Montgomery, Alabama, is hosting a soil collection ceremony as part of their work for truth and reconciliation regarding the history of racial terrorism and lynching in Alachua County. in the days of Jim Crow. The Soil Collection Ceremony will take place on Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 10 a.m. at Veterans Memorial Park (at the Caboose, 14705 NE Waldo Road, Waldo). This event commemorates the traumatic era by commemorating the lives of the victims of Waldo-Hawthorne-Campville-Rochelle. The public is invited to attend.

The ground of a lynching site is a physical connection to the lives lost there, to the events and people remembered. The ground of every lynching site was silent witness to egregious wrongs. By publicly gathering, exhibiting and creating a space for dialogue around a tangible piece of the past that still haunts us today, this floor will no longer be speechless.

For each victim, they will ceremonially collect dirt for display in Alachua County, and a second gallon pot will be displayed at the National Peace and Justice Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama. A Montgomery representative will be present for the ceremony.

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