Elwood Schools Obtain Astronaut Glenn Artifact Collection – Huntington Now

The Elwood School District received a collection of documents related to John Glenn, the late U.S. Senator from Ohio and pioneering astronaut whose deeds inspired the district to name the high school after him.

The documents came to the district through Maryland resident Holly Geddes, the daughter of Willard Adams, the district’s first school board president.

Among the documents is a November 1962 letter from the then colonel. Glenn to Adams, explaining why a mail delay prevented the astronaut from attending the dedication ceremony for the school building that bears his name.

Glenn became the first American to circumnavigate the earth in 1962 with a five-hour flight aboard Friendship 7. Glenn pursued a career in business and public service, spending 24 years in the United States Senate until his retired in 1999.

In this letter, Colonel Glenn writes: “I deeply regret that I could not contact you sooner and I thank you for the honor you bestowed on me. It is truly a great privilege that our achievements in space are considered worthy of commemoration.… We have received a large volume of mail, and
which, coupled with our move from Langley Field, Va., to Houston, resulted in mailings

The artifacts – also including a copy of the 1963 book “Colonel John Glenn…A Man in Orbit”, commemorative first day envelopes for the 1962 Project Mercury stamp and a July 1963 letter from President John F. Kennedy to Adams – will end up being exhibited in high school.

“It is unfortunate that Senator Glenn was never able to visit our school,” the superintendent said.
said Dr. Kenneth Bossert. “He would have been very proud of the remarkable way his name
is represented every day by our students, faculty and staff.

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