Everyone hated the new WhatsApp contact list UI, so it’s going back to the old way

No to favourites; yes to all contacts

Developers are always working hard to keep their apps feature-rich and engaging, and sometimes that means changing the way they work. WhatsApp recently received an update that introduced a new view for the in-app contacts list with two options: “Frequently contacted” and “Recent chats”. While this was supposed to make it easier for users to find their favorite contacts, user reaction was swift and negative. Now, the Meta-owned platform is revving things up in a new update, much to everyone’s delight.

WhatsApp version has recently been rolled out through the Google Play beta program, as shared by WABetaInfo. The update doesn’t include many new features, but instead restores the app’s old contact list interface. It comes after a group of users took to Twitter to express dislike for the new user interface (below).


A disgruntled user called the horrible update, saying they just wanted to see their new contacts in alphabetical order. Another describes the interface as cluttered, saying they found no use in the frequent contact list. The backlash prompted the developers to revert the change, and users should now be able to access their contact list as before.

Before all this, the contacts page of WhatsApp did not have the frequent or recent chats sections but listed all the contacts in alphabetical order. Although you can see the idea behind the new interface, the old one was much simpler. Also, the new one introduces an extra step that makes the process of accessing contacts even more tedious.

WhatsApp has received many updates since it was bought by Facebook (now Meta) in 2015 and has already received a flurry so far this year. One of the most recent has seen the app get a long overhauled voice call interface that displays a rounded gray rectangular background with your contact’s name, number and profile picture, along with the duration of the call. call up. We also expect WhatsApp to receive reactions to the messages soon, and we already have an idea of ​​what they will look like when they arrive – just hope they are appreciated by WhatsApp users a little better!

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