Free Pass-Through Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event Set

BEAUMONT, CA – The Riverside County Waste Resources Department has scheduled a free household hazardous waste collection event this weekend at the Lamb Canyon Sanitary Landfill.

The event is scheduled to take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 16 at the Lamb Canyon Sanitary Landfill, 16411 Lamb Canyon Road.

The collection is open to all residents of Riverside County; waste from businesses or associations will not be accepted.

The event is an opportunity for Riverside County residents to keep hazardous waste out of county landfills and ensure it is properly managed. Typical waste includes used motor oil, paint, antifreeze, household and car batteries, pesticides, cleaning products, sharp objects (i.e. needles/syringes or lancets ) in a sharps container, unused medications (except controlled substances), fluorescent lights and electronic waste. such as televisions, computers, VCRs and telephones.

Collection will not accept explosives, radioactive materials, ammunition, asbestos, compressed gas cylinders over 40 pounds, or infectious or medical waste other than sharps.

Waste will be limited to 15 gallons or 125 pounds maximum per vehicle. Individual containers should not exceed five gallons or weigh more than 50 pounds.

Mixed loads containing garbage and household hazardous waste will be charged according to the landfill fee schedule. For mixed loads, place household hazardous waste at the back of the load to be unloaded first.

Event is subject to cancellation in the event of inclement weather or other hazardous conditions as determined by the county.

For more information, contact the Riverside County Waste Resources Department at 951-486-3200 or 800-304-2226 or

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