Google Contacts update makes it easier to clean up your contact list

What do you want to know

  • Google Contacts is getting a UI change with its latest update.
  • The app now has a bottom bar so users can switch between their contacts and certain settings.
  • The Fix & Manage tab allows users to merge, import and export contacts, and more.

While most of the best Android phones come with their own contacts app, Google Contacts is very widely used. The app has recently been updated with a new user interface that aims to make it easier to manage contacts, thanks to a new bottom bar.

The update was spotted by Android Police and gives Google Contacts a tabbed view; the left tab for contacts, the right tab for “Correct and manage” your entries. You can see the difference between the old view and the update below. You’ll notice that the search bar, hamburger menu, three-dot menu, and Google account tile remain on top.

Google Contacts before and after bottom bar update

(Image credit: Android Central)

In the “Repair and manage” tab, you will find various functions that you previously had to access via the hamburger menu or the settings of the Contacts application, the latter of which is also still accessible via the Google account tile. This includes merging contacts, importing and exporting, restoring from cloud, and accessing deleted contacts. Users can also access blocked contacts and emergency contacts, although the latter option did not appear on my Galaxy S22.

Fix and manage Google Contacts tab

(Image credit: Android Central)

Google Contacts is the latest Google app to get a bottom bar, which is found on many first-party Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, etc. This should probably give users more obvious access to these functions to clean up their contact list. That said, the new UI hasn’t appeared on all of our phones yet, which means it must be a gradual server-side rollout.

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