Gucci launched the non-fungible Gucci Grail 10KTF (NFT) collection with digital artist Wagmi-San

Santa Clarita, California. published a report on the new NFT launch by Gucci. With this launch, Gucci strengthens its presence in the NFT and metaverse space with several collections and a purchase of land inside The Sandbox

High-end luxury fashion brand Gucci launched a collection of NFTs that outfitted existing NFTs with new garments. Gucci launched the 10KTF Gucci Grail collection with digital artist Wagmi-san. The NFTs were revealed earlier this week and show the NFTs of 11 existing well-known NFT collections now outfitted with new clothing, providing a unique take on NFTs and IP rights.

Gucci encourages fans to purchase NFTs from the Grail Gucci 10KTF, as holding a Grail Gucci 10KTF could also provide additional utility with future drops and items on the 10KTF roadmap related to the project.

“We expected other high-end brands to see the success and warm reception Gucci NFTs have received from their community and follow suit with their own efforts,” said Raul Meza, content editor at “It’s good for the entire NFT and fashion industry, as it will also encourage promising new designers to enter the NFT field. That’s what it’s all about. Level the playing field so that the little person can compete with the big boys in their respective space.

The collection also shows how owning NFTs can lead to additional monetization opportunities such as creating a whole new collection and upgrading already owned NFTs. This is good news for the online industry as well as for investors who are always looking for new and creative ways to flesh out their portfolios.

You can find more information about this at which also hosts a video about the new Gucci NFT launch. is committed to advancing the NFT market by educating its community on its various aspects. As such, they welcome all inquiries from those wishing to learn more.


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