Halo Infinite Marketing Campaign Stable on Xbox Collection X, Re-dial Decision / FPS Sold Out on Collection S

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is already in the wild, allowing players to choose between the effectiveness of the game and the content of their hearts, but what about the game’s single-player marketing campaign? How is it going to unfold? Indeed, the technical managers of Digital Foundry managed to pinpoint the preview code of the marketing campaign, and their conclusions are eye-catching. If you have about 20 minutes to spare, you can take a look at their results for yourself, below.

Halo Infinite Co-Op marketing campaign not launched until May 2022 at the earliest

Digital Foundry played the game on the Xbox Collection X and Collection S, and on the more powerful console, the information is pretty good. On Xbox Collection X, High Quality Mode runs at dynamic 4K and 60fps for the most part, which is something most video games protect for its efficiency mode. Speaking of which, Halo Infinite’s XSX efficiency mode targets 120 fps with a pretty steep decision price – up to around 1080p. The frame rate can also be moderately inconsistent, often not reaching 120 fps, and instead hovering widely between 100 and 110 fps. So, efficiency mode might be unstable contact, but why do you want it even when high quality mode is running at 4K and constant 60 fps?

Unfortunately, the information is not as good for the Xbox Collection S. High quality mode is locked 1080p and only 30fps, while efficiency mode is dynamic 1080p while focusing on 60fps. On the bright side, it seems that each mode largely persists with its fps target. The guys at DF are also equally critical of the S Collection’s use of temporal anti-aliasing, saying it makes the game look very delicate in motion.

After all, there’s a pretty big elephant in the room here – if the Xbox Collection S needs to go down to 30fps to maintain a 1080p primary image, how is the Halo Infinite marketing campaign going to play out on the Xbox One? Maybe 343 can do some technical magic, but on a main Xbox One S, I think we’re going to approach 720p and maybe even brush against sub-HD territory.

The Halo Infinite marketing campaign launches on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X / S on December 8.

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