Hayward City Council Awards New Trash, Organics and Recycling Collection Contract | Town of Hayward

Hayward City Council voted June 28 to grant Alameda County Waste Management a 10-year extension of its existing exclusive franchise to provide waste, organics and recycling services to the city.

Agreement maintains and enhances popular features in addition to standard collection and recycling service, including free pre-scheduled pickups of larger bulky items, distribution of garden-ready compost bags and free disposal vouchers for use at Davis Street Transfer Station.

It also includes a new fleet of dedicated Hayward service recycling trucks, new public curbside waste and recycling containers, and the replacement of residential and commercial service carts with new receptacles to match a new gray color scheme. / black required by the State of California. , blue and green for waste, recycling and organics, respectively.

Additionally, the new arrangement puts the City and County of Alameda Waste Management (WMAC) on track to potentially increase the annual rate of diversion of Hayward’s discarded materials from landfills from 73% to approximately 83%. by 2032.

For the duration of the extension, the new agreement defers increases to current Consumer Price Index (CPI) rates by three to six percent per year to ensure that WMAC employees are paid fairly and maintained at the rate of cost of living. A one-time rate increase of 7.88% effective at the start of the contract, March 1, 2023, was negotiated primarily to cover expenses related to new vehicles and containers. In the fifth year, WMAC will also benefit from a one-time increase in the rate of return on investment (ROI) up to 5.5%.

For most single-family residences, the bundle translates to an initial monthly service rate of $42.90 starting March 1, 2023, up $5.23 from the current $37.67 for residences using the most common 35 gallon trash can. This is the maximum increase possible and could be lower if the CPI falls below 6%. Increases in subsequent years would apply to annual CPI increases and the one-time five-year ROI rate increase.

To encourage segregation of trash, recyclables and organics and to comply with new state law, service trucks will be equipped with surveillance cameras – and contamination and overage surcharges of $25 per cart and $75 $ per larger bin may be assessed for repeat violations after a four month community education campaign.

For more information on the new garbage collection and recycling franchise agreement with WMAC, the staff report to the city council and related documents are available. here on the City of Hayward legislative website. Or contact Jeff Krump, Solid Waste Program Manager for the City of Hayward, at Jeff.Krump@hayward-ca.gov.

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