how to make custom free ringtone from audio file

If you want to use existing songs as a ringtone for your iPhone, you will immediately see that iOS does not make your job easier. Therefore, it is not possible to immediately access the ringtones folder by connecting the smartphone to a computer, unlike Android. However, the procedure can be completed with a few manipulations. Here is how to proceed with the applications set up on the iPhone.

1 – Download your audio file

Add your audio file (WAV, MP3, AIFF or AAC) with a provider like WeTransfer or Smash. You can also keep it in the iCloud Files app on your personal computer. Then start Safari and recover the file.
Then press the solution Possibilities, just after Help you save to files. To opt for downloads in the checklist and press the button Registration up to the right.

2 – Import the file into Garage Band

Garage Band is a music developing and audio editing application that is normally present on your Apple iPhone. Otherwise, you can download it for free.
Make it work and press the button “+” in the appropriate superior to start a new task. Take Audio recorder scroll through the screens with your finger then contact the icon Voice.

Turn off the metronome (to the right of the purple circle), then tap the third icon at the top of the rest.

In the next window, tap on the loops icon (penultimate) at best.

you should find Files at the top of the monitor, then at the bottom, tap Search for items from the Files app.

Go to folder downloads and tap your audio file. It is then immediately added to Garage Band documents.

3 – Adjust the file according to your needs

Then touch and hold the audio file to drag it into the gaze Tracks. Using the buttons on the side, change the start and end of the observation. If it is also very long, only the first 30 seconds will be recorded for the ringtone.

By holding down the track, you can also get additional capabilities, for example trimming elements. To hear the final result of your edits, tap the engagement icon (white triangle to red circle) at the top of the screen.

4 – switch your audio track to ringtone

Tap the triangle icon at the top remaining, then My tracks.

Long press your new music, then play Share, distribute in the checklist that appears.

Take part in Alarm on the monitor that seems.

Identify your ringtone, then tap Exporter until the good one. So contact Use audio as … So choose Conventional ringtone.

5 – Set your ringtones

If you want to change the ringtone, go to your iPhone options, then choose Sounds and vibrations Yes Alarm.

You can then choose a custom ringtone or go back to a person from the many ringtones that Apple offers. And if you want to delete any of the ringtones you produced, always swipe left horizontally.

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