How to Open Outlook 2022 Data File Tip

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Check how to open an Outlook data file

Viewpoint uses PST files to store user data and information. However, PST files also work as a solution for backup, registry and moving. Sometimes users are stuck in scenarios where they need to open a PST file, but they have not installed Microsoft Outlook or their PST file has degenerated. In this article, I will describe how to open PST records without Outlook and in Outlook for free. Currently, you might be thinking, how would users open PST documents without Outlook? In fact, you’ll find it in the section below.

What is an Outlook PST Data File?

A personal folders file (.pst) is an Outlook data file that stores messages and other items. When you want to backup and archive Outlook items and folders on your system, you need to create additional PST files. On the other hand, Outlook data files (.pst) are used for POP3, IMAP and webmail accounts.

Location of Outlook data files

  • Outlook Data Files (.pst) created with Outlook 2010 are saved on your computer in the


  • If you are using Windows XP, these files are created in the


  • Windows 7 and Windows Vista


How to Open an Outlook Data File Without Using an Email Account

If you want to open your Outlook data files (.pst) and the account has been closed. In this situation, you can create a profile without an account and open your data file. Learn “How to create a profile without an account by following the steps below” (Same for Outlook 2010 and 2007):

  • Windows 7: Click on the “Start” button and select Control Panel.
  • Second, now a new window will open on your screen, please click “Mail” (32 bit) to open an Outlook data file without Outlook.
  • Click the “View Profile” button.
  • Enter a “name for your new profile” in the “Profile name” box, then click “Add.”
  • As a result, an “Add New Account” dialog box will appear. Click “Cancel”.
  • Then there will be a pop-up message that you want to create a profile without an email account, please click on the “OK” button.
    • A new profile name will appear in the list.
  • Select the “Prompt to use a profile” option to have Outlook offer you a selection of profiles when you start Outlook. And click OK.
  • You should see a profile selection box, select no account (or whatever name you choose for your profile with no account) from the list, then click the “OK” button.
  • A wizard start dialog box should appear, so click “Next” to start the wizard.
  • When you see the question Do you want to set up an email account? After that, click on the “No” button.
  • The wizard will confirm that you have chosen not to configure an email account. Therefore, check the Continue without email support box and click “Finish”.

How do I open the Outlook Data File (.pst)?

For Outlook 2010

  • First, open Outlook and go to “File” menu, then select Open, then click “Open Outlook Data File (.pst)”.
  • Thereafter, a dialog box window appears on your screen, please select the Outlook data file you want to open in Outlook and click “OK” button.

For Outlook 2007

  • Open the “File” menu and select “Open.”
  • Second, select an “Outlook Data File”.
  • In the “Open PST File” dialog box, navigate to the location of the Outlook data file, select it, and click “OK”.

Final Words: How to Open an Outlook Data File

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