How to Open ZIP File and RAR File on Windows, Android/iOS 2022

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Check how to open ZIP file and RAR file on Windows, Android/iOS

Thanks to the advantages offered by the ZIP format, file compression is common, especially when it comes to large files. Occasionally, you may download a ZIP file to your Android phone. To read the content, you must first unzip the file. A ZIP file is an archive of one or more files compressed using a compression algorithm. .ZIP is one of many types of compressed file formats and is one of the most common forms of compressed files you will see. Other common compressed file formats are RAR, 7Z, and GZ.

RAR is short for Roshal Archive Compressed. This means that a large file can be compressed to a smaller size without losing a single content, while maintaining the perfect file size when the RAR file is opened. However, to open a RAR file, you need special software. However, you can easily convert normal archive folder to RAR folder. After creating your RAR file, you can use an online RAR file opener to open it. However, you cannot open it as you created it.

RAR files, on the other hand, support better compression than compression, but they are common. They are not only common, you need WinRAR to create RAR archive. The best part about compressing and creating a RAR file is that both formats have good compression performance and are safe to keep a component file in a single folder.

How to Open ZIP and RAR Files on Windows, Android and iOS

the Windows

Opening zip files is easy in Windows. If you have Windows 7 or 8, the operating system can open zip files without any software. Opening rar files will require a free tool called 7-Zip. Once you’ve installed 7-Zip, follow these steps to open rar files:

  • Right click on the rar file which will open.
  • Select “7-Zip > Extract Files”.
  • In the pop-up window that appears, choose the folder where you want to extract the compressed files and click “OK”. If you choose “Extract here”, the files are saved in the folder where the file is stored.

operating system x

To open rar files on Mac OS X, install a free rar extractor app like RAR Extractor Free. Once installed, follow these steps:

  • Right click on the rar file and select “Open with”.
  • Now choose RAR Extractor Free from the list of programs. This automatically extracts the contents of the archive to the directory where the rar file is located.

After opening a file with “Open With” once, future files can be unzipped by double-clicking the file.


Due to iOS file system access restrictions, opening compressed files is not easy. Most apps will ask you to pay to access cloud storage services like Dropbox. However, there are ad-supported free apps such as Zip & RAR File Extractor Free that allow you to open compressed files. Here’s how.

  • Open the application containing your rar file. If it was sent by email, open the email app. If you’re in a cloud storage app, open it.
  • Tap the zip or rar file you want to open.
  • Depending on the app, you’ll see a pop-up menu asking which app you want to open the file with, or you’ll see an error saying the app can’t open the file.
  • If you see the latter, tap the share button (a box with an arrow pointing up).
  • This will bring up the menu mentioned in step 3. Here, select Open in Zip Extractor to open your zip file.
  • Press Extract to see the files that were inside the rar file.


Extracting compressed files is very easy on Android. This is how you can do it quickly.

  • Install the free RAR app for Android.
  • Open the application and navigate to the folder containing your rar file. To find your SD card, tap the “three books” icon in the top left.
  • Once you find the rar file, just tap on it to open it.

Final Words: How to Open ZIP File and RAR File on Windows, Android/iOS

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