Jakks Pacific Unveils Plans for ‘Jurassic World’ Seasonal and Outdoor Collection • The Toy Book

Jurassic World | Source: Universal Pictures

Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures.

Jakks Pacific has announced a new Jurassic World line of seasonal and outdoor products in the United States and Canada. The line will include Jurassic World-themed children’s furniture, activities and toys, and should be released next year.

Jurassic World is a natural fit for our seasonal and outdoor products, ”said Nicolas Masi, vice president of marketing for Jakks Pacific. “It’s one of the most recognizable brands in the world and the franchise is a family favorite, attracting a large following. This Jurassic World line of products for children is sure to be a hit with parents, little fans and also in the retail sector.

Jakks Pacific has announced a “Jurassic World” line, including a themed role-playing tent. | Source: Jakks Pacific

The Jurassic World The line will include an activity table with two padded folding activity chairs, a Fold n ‘Go chair, a role play tent, a luxury tent, a Fly Wheels line and a full line of ball pits and balls. trampolines.

The Pacific Jakks Jurassic World The seasonal and outdoor line will be available online and in retail stores nationwide in 2022.

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