Madden Community File Error 22 (Unable to Download) on a PS4 or PS5 issue

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The original story (published December 31, 2021) follows:

Madden is Electronic Arts’ hit American football video game saga. The latest installment in the franchise is Madden NFL 22, available since August.

These games offer many options to the players. In addition to the basic content, it also allows users to share their own custom lists through the Community File option.

The aforementioned lists can be downloaded by other players. But, it seems that this feature does not work well for many (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, seven, 8).

Madden NFL 22 Community File Error on PS4 and PS5

According to several reports, Madden 22 players on PS4 and PS5 are facing a lot of issues while trying to download community files. All they get is an error related to the internet connection (the servers are not responding).

So I just got mad 22 and am trying to download one of the roster of all rookie squads to start my franchise, but every time I go to download the roster Madden won’t let me access the community files screen saying internet connection was lost or let me in but gives me error occurred while downloading file screen and tried to restart my internet several times

Note that the connection error only affects this particular section (community files). The rest of Madden NFL 22’s game modes work correctly.

I just got Madden 22 because I just got a PS5. I play franchise mode and hate the auto-generated recruit class. I still play with the real uploaded draft classes. When I go to download the draft class it says I can’t connect to the server to contact EA help – I can’t connect. I can play all other game modes so I don’t understand where the problem is coming from as I can’t access community files to download draft class 2023.

EA is aware, issue under investigation

Fortunately, EA is already aware of the bug plaguing Madden NFL 22 players. At the moment, the matter is under investigation, but there is still no ETA for a solution.

Hello, thank you for taking the time to contact us about Madden. Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the game. This is something the team is aware of and is investigating the issues reported on the backend. For now, we ask players to keep an eye on the official @EAHelp and @MaddenNFLDirect channels for more updates.

If there are new developments related to this issue in the coming days, we will update this article. So stay tuned with us.

Update 1 (January 4)

3:35 p.m. (IST): One of the community leaders asked those concerned to to share the following details to share with the relevant team:

Hi all.

If you’re still having issues in the game, we’ll need this information for the team:

Gamertag / PSN ID / Original ID
Platform you play on
file type and author you are trying to download
Can you download other files?
What error do you get
When was the last time you tried to download a file? (Date + Time)
Your help is greatly appreciated. We will forward this to the team for investigation as soon as possible.

In addition, they also shared a potential Workaround. Here is what they say:

It’s not guaranteed, but I’ve seen some success with others on Xbox who have tried it. You will lose both local and online backups if you choose to delete both (you will not lose MUT progress, which is saved on our servers).

Clear saved game data:

Open the Settings menu at the top of the dashboard.
Select Storage, then select System storage.
Select Saved data.
Choose a game to access saved game data.
Press the Options button and select Delete.

Update 2 (January 5)

3:54 p.m. (IST): Responding to the community manager’s request for information, some noted (1, 2) that they aren’t even able to access the community files page, let alone download a particular file type / author.

EA has yet to provide additional information on when we can expect a solution to the issue.

Update 3 (January 6)

4:43 p.m. (IST): An EA Community Manager shared a summary of ongoing investigations and the issue to be resolved in an effort to provide more clarity on the issue:

– The Madden team is aware of this and is investigating
– This has been a problem in the past. Some players can access the Madden Share section by trying repeatedly, but this may not be 100% reliable.
– Some players may enter after deleting saved game data (offline progress will be lost)
– Some players were able to access the section via a mobile access point or via an alternative connection (WiFi / wired)
– We will update this thread when we receive new information on the status of this issue. Thank you for your patience. (Source)

Update 4 (January 7)

5:21 p.m. (IST): In response to a player’s query regarding the error downloading community files, EA’s aide said they are currently working on it. However, no ETA has been provided as to when it will be corrected.

Update 4 (January 10)

4:18 p.m. (IST): A community manager who recognized this issue said that this issue with the community files error does not appear to be resolved anytime soon. But the team will take stock of this issue as soon as possible.


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