SafariSwap Launches Limited Edition Special Chinese New Year NFT Collection, $NatureToken Now Listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko

This is how Safariswap celebrates the Lunar New Year


SafariSwap is a new network known to be the fastest and safest platform for pooling liquidity and its dex-based trading.

Recently, Safariswap announced a new non-fungible token (NFT) for the Chinese Year of the Tiger, it launched exclusive 888 collectibles coins on February 7th. Prior to the launch of these NFTs, the $NATURE token is now listed on well-known major exchanges Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

What is Safariswap?

SafariSwap is a community-based, community-driven Automated Marketplace Maker (AMM), which aims to create an animal-friendly, animal-lover-based community that will not only work towards a sustainable living environment for animals, but also will revolutionize wildlife conservation plans and businesses around the globe.

Safariswap also has its safari-themed NFTs and Safariswap NFT holders are well-quoted with mysterious freebies and promising price preference. Furthermore, its highly optimized and user-friendly game system offers high yield and huge APY if the holders contribute to the NFT staking program and also for the users who hold the $NATURE token which is the native token of Safariswap.

SafariSwap $NatureToken – distribution and operation

The SafariSwap token, $Nature, is a high-yield staking LP token that offers rewards to its community through liquidity mining and NFT gamification.

The token not only benefits token holders who HODL, but also those who participate in the SafariSwap NFT ecosystem, allowing them to swap their tokens for new NFTs or upgrade their existing NFTs to receive more rewards and a huge APY. This system in turn stimulates the development of symbolic prices. SafariSwap’s massive rewards model can be an integral part of the strategy for people looking to invest and earn a sedentary income.

By staking safari exchange NFTs in the ecosystem, it enables users to passively earn huge proportions of rewards which are instantly and automatically distributed to holders, enabling an efficient and seamless experience in migrating assets from other similar liquidity pools.

$NatureToken from SafariSwap listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko

The $Nature token has now been officially listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko, allowing users to collect up-to-the-minute market research, trading data and token performance live. Coinmarketcap and coingecko are among the world’s largest exchanges for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies. CoinMarketCap is one of the most referenced crypto price tracking websites. Coingecko being one of the first and largest data aggregators in the industry, Safariswap is proud to announce that it is now part of the community of 4,700 coins and over 300 exchanges.

Previously, the token was also listed on DEX as pancakeswap. The listing boosted SafariSwap’s liquidity and the price of $NatureToken rose 20%, two days after the announcement. NatureToken also saw around 4.0% growth on coincko.

This is the right time for users to invest in buying $NatureToken directly from CoinMarketCap to ensure them profit in the future. Users will also have a chance to win big staking rewards, huge APYs and increase their profits by 10 times. This is your chance to act as a smart investor and make wise future investments by investing in the $NatureToken.

The availability of The NatureToken on Coingecko will also help users access the token’s cryptographic data.

On Coingecko, users cannot buy or sell the token directly, however, investors can learn more about NatureToken by accessing transparent and qualitative facts and obtaining information such as trust score, reported trading volume over 24 hours, market capitalization, circulating supply, etc.

SafariSwap offers special Chinese New Year NFTs

Safariswap marks the Chinese Lunar New Year with the release of a limited set of 888 collectibles. Launched on February 8, the pricing structure for these collectibles is set at $100 and they can be purchased directly from the SafariSwap app.

To wish all users good luck, health and longevity for the Lunar New Year, SafariSwap has released these collectibles, “As a way to give back to our community for their continued support.” Don’t miss this unique and exclusive NFT collection and collect the rarest and most exclusive NFTs.

Why get Safariswap New Year NFTs?

SafariSwap works to educate the masses about the importance of wildlife and habitat conservation, ending practices such as poaching and hunting of endangered species. So evolves the creation of income opportunities for the world’s most needy communities who are involved in housing contortion.

In addition to doing good by donating a fraction of the revenue to wildlife organizations, all NFTs that are launched, including the New Year’s NFT, will be part of the roadmap where users stand to receive a special lump sum bonus and participate in special events only if users own a piece of this limited NFT.

The product has been divided into the following models:

  • 50% of the profits will go to Jackpot.
  • 30% of the profits will go to business development.
  • 20% of proceeds will be donated to a selected wildlife conservation organization.

Therefore, Safariswap invites you to begin this investment journey that helps take a step forward in ending the illegal trafficking and killing of endangered wild animals.

How to buy the special NFTs of these Safariswaps?

The steps below will guide you on how to purchase these limited New Year themed NFTs.

1. Prepare 100 USDT in your Dapp Wallet

2. Access via your wallet browser:

3. Connect your wallet and click on the “Buy NFT” function

4. Click “Approve” on the Lunar New Year NFT

5. Buy the Lunar NFT using the 100 USDT

6. You can check the NFT under “My collection” after purchasing it

Safari swap is not just a way of generating income, it’s a representation of a sustainable planet. This is your chance to invest in improving the world.

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