Special collection of garden cutting roller carts from May 16 to 20

County News:

As firefighters battle the Cerro Pelado blaze to keep the communities of Los Alamos and White Rock safe, county officials are reminding citizens that they can implement some mitigation measures themselves.

To protect homes and neighborhoods, residents can remove dry vegetation from their homes and create a defensible space. To support this effort, next week (May 16-20), Los Alamos County Environmental Services will host a special garden roller cart pickup, in addition to its regular trash and recycling pickup.

This year, fire season came early in New Mexico. Considering that the National Weather Service is predicting drier weather, officials say it’s not too late to protect his property by implementing various defensible spatial measures.

Recommended actions include:

  • Clear brush and vegetation away from the house. Make sure nothing flammable is in contact with the structure, especially tree branches or overhanging vines against the walls.
  • Clean the roof and gutters by removing leaves and pine needles. Also clean up leaves and trash under all structures.
  • Pick up and dispose of all pine needles, leaves and dead grass in and around the yard.
  • Keep woodpiles away from buildings. These can ignite and catch adjacent burning objects.
  • Place 1/2 inch screen around decks, porches, vents and above the fireplace to keep smoldering embers out.
  • Create a buffer zone of defensible space around your house in which the vegetation has been thinned out. Prune trees close to the ground to prevent ground fires from climbing into the treetops.

Next week, the Department of Environmental Services will pick up yard waste. On their typical garbage collection day, residents are encouraged to place garden carts at the curb in addition to their garbage and recycling carts.

Residents can even bring garden scraps, branches and pine needles to the Eco Station during normal business hours. Residents with curbside rolling cart service can use the 12 free loads assigned to them.

For more information on wildfire preparedness, visit www.firewise.org.

For questions related to additional yard waste pickup, residents may contact the Eco Station at 505.662.8163 or email SolidWaste@lacnm.us.

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