Telegram update makes it easier to manage downloads and share files

Telegram’s latest update adds a cool feature that allows users to prioritize an ongoing download and trace it back to the original conversation.

Telegram has rolled out a new update for its mobile app which adds a bunch of cool new features such as the ability to prioritize downloads through an easy access route, the ability to create custom phone number links and some cosmetic changes for its Android app. The popular instant messaging app may not have as many users as WhatsApp, but it’s much more active when it comes to rolling out new features.

A Telegram update released in January 2022 introduced the ability to create custom animated stickers from any video a user chooses. The app has also added a cool option that allows users to go back to a previous chat just by long-pressing the back button and selecting a specific chat. In December 2021, Telegram added a message reaction feature that works via a simple double-tap gesture.


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As for the latest feature drop which is now deployment for Telegram users through the stable channel, the highlight is an improved download management system. For starters, the app now displays a down arrow icon in the search bar to indicate ongoing downloads, and tapping it takes users directly to the downloads tab. Here, users can long-press on an ongoing task to access a context menu, where they can find an option to prioritize that particular download over other tasks. If users are unsure of the origin of a specific task, the context menu also offers an option to trace it back to the original conversation.

Personalized previews and links to phone numbers

Phone number chat links in Telegram.

Next in line is a revamped system for attachments to share media files. Users can now adjust the order of attached photos and videos before hitting the send button, ensuring the recipient sees them in the same order as the sender intended. Once users have collected all the images and videos from the gallery view, they should tap the Selected option at the top to open the preview window and move the files to the shared media gallery. Telegram has also added a neat camera preview in the attachment window that opens the default camera app for users to quickly click on an image or video. The revamped attachment system is available on the iOS Telegram app, but not available on the Android version at this time.

And finally, Telegram also borrows a trick from WhatsApp. Until now, Telegram has allowed users to share their username as a point of contact, much like Twitter and Instagram. Now the app allows users to create a contact link using their phone number, just like WhatsApp and its “ (phone number with country code)” format. On Telegram, users should follow the “” format to generate a phone number link. This link can be shared as a URL or embedded in a web page element, and clicking it leads directly to a chat page with the user on Telegram.

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