The community answers the call for a coverage-raising campaign

By Pam Schiff

For Eastern graduate Emily Sanitas, giving back to the community is a way of life. She does her acts of generosity to be kind, helpful, and impactful.

This year, she had set a personal goal of collecting more than a thousand blankets to distribute to the homeless, surpassing her collection from the previous year.

Not only did she meet her goal, but she was able to exceed it, collecting 1,018 covers in all.

“I sincerely believe in the power of teamwork, and have found it almost impossible to achieve our greatest goals without the support of a good team. I’m proud to call Emily a friend and will do whatever I can to help her achieve her goal of changing the world. Her hugely successful blanket drive has helped homeless people in our community stay warm for the second year in a row,” Councilor Nicole Renzulli said.

Emily created a video thanking everyone who was helpful.

“It was a team effort, we had so many people involved this year including Nicole, Matt Reilly, Steve Paiva, Barbara Ann Fenton Fung, Mayors Hopkins and Fung, Thirsty Beavers Sites, Ed Brady, l MAE organization, Sean O’Rourke at the Providence Rescue Mission,” Emily said.

Her brother (Zachary), mother and grandmother were also very supportive, Emily said in the video.

She then thanked the staff of the MAE organization for helping coordinate the campaign and distributing it to Providence Rescue Mission and other shelters.

“Emily is a joy in all aspects of her life. She always puts others first, and Cranston is a better town because of her and her efforts,” said Allan Fung.

Alongside Emily was Thirsty Beaver co-owner and big supporter, Ed Brady, who worked closely with Emily to ensure the success of the donation.

“Keep being the light, we’re so proud of you, and to see the community rally behind you, thank you to everyone who helped make this a success,” Brady said.

Emily is already planning a special event for the hot summer months.

“It was for a great cause. I love helping people in need,” she said.

To learn more about the MAE organization and what it does in the Cranston community, check it out at

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