tony: Addicts contact list at a glance | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: Investigating drug racket allegedly operated by Mumbai-based Nigerian national Chukwu Ogbonna David alias Tony, Hyderabad Police have uncovered leads suggesting that the drug traffickers are in possession of the contact details of most of the city ​​cocaine addicts.
When police first inquired about some of the abusers arrested earlier, they found that drug dealers were sending messages like “Hi bro, I got some good stuff” to users. Usually there was a lull for a while whenever Tony’s agents or people associated with their network got caught by the security agencies. Later, a new agent would get in touch with the addicts by sending a message to the consumers’ phones.
“The abusers, who are in this circle of obtaining drugs, especially cocaine, can make themselves understood by reading the messages even if they come from an unknown number. Then they contact the supplier and complete the transaction. The provider even sends reminders. This is only possible if peddlers share their contact lists,” Hyderabad Police said.
Tony, in his confession, said that apart from his manager and fellow Star Boy, two other foreign nationals were involved in the cases. The police, who were in possession of a photo of Star Boy, were unsure if Tony’s confession of his master’s identity details was true or not, as they changed their names while carrying out illegal transactions. “According to Tony’s confession, Star Boy, who was in India a few years ago, is in Nigeria. Tony’s associates, who are from Mumbai or Goa, will be traveling by bus to bring drugs to Hyderabad,” a said the police.

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