Top 10 Android Apps to Open Any Type of File Format of 2022

This list is about the 10 best Android apps to open any type of file format. We will do our best for you to understand this list of top 10 Android apps to open any type of file format. I hope you like this list Top 10 Android Apps to Open Any Type of File Format. So let’s start:

About Top 10 Android Apps to Open Any Type of File Format

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. but sometimes there are file types that Android cannot open. This is due to one of two reasons. First of all, you may not have the mandatory applications needed to open this type of file extension (eg .zip, .dng, .pdf). Second, the file type is not intended to be opened, i.e. it cannot be customized or read (e.g. .bin, .dat). People like to get things done and get things done these days. Workload and culture have increased a lot. Hence, it has become mandatory to check all the different files and documents.

but it requires some apps to be ready to make last-minute changes and stay up-to-date. People like to get things done and get things done these days. Workload and culture have come a long way. Hence, it has become mandatory to check all the different files and documents. but you need to have some apps ready to make last minute changes and stay up to date. Thanks to the development of technology, there are many apps available that can help you get the job done.

Check out the list of best Android apps to open any type of file format

Google Docs

Google Docs has a robust set of tools for editing text. These range from simple options, such as font size and type, to more advanced features, such as automatic quote formatting and a built-in translator powered by Google Translate.

While these features are nice to have, Google Docs clearly stands out from other free competitors with its real-time editing and collaboration capabilities. Sharing a document is as easy as clicking the Share button in the top right corner, which lets you add individual users or copy a sharing link.

SWP Office

Feature for feature, it matches its competitors and offers the tools you need to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The best part about WPS Office is that it’s free for everyone and you don’t need an account to use the app, just download it and get started right away.

It’s different from Office or Drive, which require accounts and Office requires a subscription. The WPS Office Android tablet app has been recently updated with a clean material-based design and simplified layout. It doesn’t get in your way and lends itself well to quick or solid edits on your tablet.

solid scout

The APK of the application has a size of 7 megabytes. Once you have downloaded and installed Solid Explorer File Manager for Android, tap its shortcut icon on the home screen to start using it. Solid Explorer and File Manager has an impressive interface based on material design.

Solid Explorer File Manager comes with 5 beautiful color themes. It allows you to change the main color of the main user interface and provides icon sets of three styles. The app supports dual pane mode and lets you set a background color for the navigation bar.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the file storage and synchronization component that comes with any Google account. If you use Google Workspace, you can consider Drive as part of the full suite, along with other specific apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. When you create a new Google Doc, it’s automatically saved to Google Drive.

Google Drive’s online design has improved over the years and is now more intuitive than ever. It is easy to change the file view to see thumbnails or a list. Creating folders and subfolders to organize your files is easy. Other ways to organize folders include using color codes and stars.


ZArchiver allows you to compress and archive as well as view and decompress files and folders on your Android smartphone or tablet in an instant. Although it doesn’t support one of the most popular file formats when creating archives, it makes up for it by giving you several different ways to compress your files.

ZArchiver supports popular ZIP and 7z formats, but uses TAR instead of the more common RAR. Although you can view the contents of RAR files and decompress them, you will not be able to create RAR files. When choosing your format, the app lets you prioritize speed or size by offering six different compression styles.

RAR files

RAR files can also be password protected and encrypted so that their contents remain hidden unless you know the password. Think of it as a small locked box filled with data, with the password as the key. Another time, a RAR file can come in handy when a friend has a long list of files they want to share with you, like photos for example.

Instead of downloading each image file individually, your friend can compile the photos into a RAR file first and then share just that file with you. RAR is actually the normal format of an archiving program called WinRAR.

drop box

Dropbox is a file sharing and synchronization program. It pioneered desktop-to-cloud synchronization and still does it as well or better than its competitors in the space. It also has its own editing tool, Paper, which lets you work on documents in the cloud, similar to Docs or Word 365.

Dropbox also comes with Showcase, which lets you create your files in narrative displays much like slideshows. When you share a presentation, the files are presented in their context and in an order that you determine. Dropbox is not an online productivity tool, like Office 365, or a collaboration tool with built-in storage, like Docs.

professional fast office

Quickoffice uses clean, consistent, icon-based navigation throughout the app. Fonts, color, paragraph and other text-related options are in a single drop-down menu attached to the top of the screen. Other specific functions, such as cell formatting, will sometimes be added to the main drop-down menu or presented as their own functions at the top.

Quickoffice is definitely more about creating than editing. It’s easy to throw text, images, or what have you into a Word document, but there’s no support for tracking changes or adding comments. The application easily manages Excel documents, respecting existing formatting and mathematical functions.

MX reader

MX Player’s hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding really works on devices with powerful CPUs and enough RAM, delivering a smooth and sleek playback experience even for three-hour HD movies. Responsive fast-forward, rewind, swipe, pinch-to-zoom, and swipe gestures make this player ideal for revisiting favorites.

From the minimal interface and resume playback option, to convenient subtitle customization and video playback preferences, this app puts all the features and options you need to personalize your viewing experience. at hand.

pi music player

Pi borrows from the Google Play Store design and places a tab bar at the top. The available tabs are: Tracks, Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists and Folders. However, unlike the vast number of music players available in the market, the tab order cannot be changed.

Since everyone uses music players differently, this can be inconvenient for some people. The highlight of Pi Music Player’s interface is its animations. Swiping between different tabs, opening the Now Playing screen and the Home screen are some of the notable examples of this fact.

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