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Williamsport, Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania State Police seized cell phones issued to Lycoming County child and youth workers assigned to a case involving a deceased infant.

PSP issued a search warrant on March 17 for the agency’s phones, citing manslaughter and evidence tampering violations related to a manslaughter case involving Tallia Charlebois, 27, of Montgomery, and her 3 month old baby died on January 26.

The warrant, issued by PSP Trooper Josiah Reiner, specified that the phones were to include all contacts, messages, phone calls and other means of contact between Charlebois and CYS social workers Crystal Minnier and Tammy Bradley between October 27, 2021 and the January 26, 2022.

Minnier was the social worker assigned to Charlebois and her infant son, according to court documents.

The baby died Jan. 26 after emergency responders were called to the residence at 25 S. Main St. in Montgomery Borough around 1:30 p.m. for suspected cardiac arrest.

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The child’s mother asked responders to use Narcan on the victim because she admitted to using Fentanyl earlier in the morning, around 1 a.m., according to the affidavit.

The police had already visited the residence once on January 26. At around 5:30 a.m., Troopers had been dispatched to the residence for a wellness check.

The appellant, Natalie Solomon, had gone to the Charlebois home earlier that evening and saw the mother banging her baby’s head on a changing table, leaving a red mark. Solomon told police she saw blue crystal bags in a cardboard box at home and believed Charlebois might be on some type of drug.

During their first visit, the police “ensure that the victim was awake, alert and did not require medical attention”, according to the affidavit. “Furthermore, when the Troopers cleared the scene, Charlebois did not appear unable to attend to the victim.”

Just eight hours later, the police and EMS were back at the apartment.

Police interviewed Lycoming County social worker Crystal Minnier on February 11. Minnier said she used her cell phone to contact Charlebois when she needed to meet her, but visits were frequently postponed.

Tammy Bradley of Lycoming County CYS told police Minnier identified Charlebois as a former heroin addict. Bradley said she had to postpone almost half of her visits with Charlebois, according to the affidavit.

Police requested contact records with Charlebois from Minnier and Bradley’s work phones, and both social workers agreed.

On March 9, police contacted CIY to schedule an extraction of the specified records.

“Minnier said she accidentally dropped her phone the night before and then ran it over with her vehicle,” Reiner wrote, and Bradley’s phone “was recently ‘reset’ when it was updated. “.

Police demanded the phones anyway, at which point Lycoming County CYS said the agency was no longer willing to consent to extracting data from the phones and needed a warrant for search.

The soldiers plan to use the computer crime lab to recover data from the phone, including data that was previously deleted, according to the search warrant. The lab is able to extract data even from damaged cellphones, Reiner explained.

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