WhatsApp brings back old contact list layout

The new WhatsApp contact list feature has aroused many users. Meta decided to return contact list to how it was before the latest WhatsApp feature. This means that users can sigh in relief and enjoy the contact list as it was.

Meta’s popular messaging platform (formerly known as Facebook) has released an update that changed the contact list. The new list feature displayed frequently contacted users and recent chats. It seems to make things much more convenient. But it had the opposite effect as it was extremely difficult for users to scroll through their contacts alphabetically.

Users showed their outrage and took to social media to express their frustrations about the new update and changes to the contacts feature. Many users have called the new update horrible, bad and horrible in their comments. Many users even begged to go back to the old version, where contacts were simply listed alphabetically.

Meta received so many complaints from users following this WhatsApp update that they had to take action. The company reacted quickly by allowing users to revert to the old contact list format in the app’s Android beta program. The response was so large and overwhelming that Meta decided to revert all users back to the original contact list format.

We appreciate that WhatsApp tried to improve a feature and based on feedback realized it wasn’t working and returned a feature that users loved. This shows that at least they take feedback from their users into account. In the meantime, we are waiting to see what the WhatsApp Communities feature will look like.

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