William Shatner Encourages ‘Spooky’ Metaverse Exploration As ‘Star Trek’ NFT Collection Sells Out In Minutes

It only took five minutes for the first collection of star trek non-fungible tokens (NFT) priced at $250 apiece for sale Saturday morning.

Icon of Captain James T. Kirk William Shatnerwho championed those first official NFT franchises from RECUR and Paramount in the form of algorithmically generative 1:1 spaceships on the Star Trek Continuum hub, was not surprised.

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All 5,000 ships in the Admiral Pack sold out in minutes. The Captain Pack ships, also $250 each, were still available at 11 a.m.

The film and TV icon has made it clear on social media that he is fascinated by NFTs – unique digital objects owned by one person – and the metaverse. Yet Shatner admits The Hollywood Reporter that space (no pun intended) is complicated and calls for caution when diving into this world.

The Admiral Pack sold out in five minutes on the Star Trek Continuum hub. Are you surprised?

An example of the Star Trek Continuum NFTs that went on sale Saturday morning.  - Credit: Courtesy of RECUR

An example of the Star Trek Continuum NFTs that went on sale Saturday morning. – Credit: Courtesy of RECUR

Courtesy of RECUR

I had an NFT event a few years ago, and they sell in seven minutes. So I’m not surprised and I’m very happy about it. The NFT space is a whole horizon that is rising. People assume knowledge, but we really don’t because things change so quickly in the metaverse world. I tried to follow. There is no doubt that it will be a world of its own.

My only concern is keeping the human touch, as we are all likely to stare at TV screens for the rest of our lives and never feel the warmth of a human embrace.

Understandable. But it’s apparent from your Twitter feed that you’re a strong supporter of NFTs and the Metaverse. Precise to assume?

Don’t get carried away with a “strong supporter”, I would rather use terms of caution. [Albert] Einstein said it’s a “scary” universe, well it’s a scary metaverse out there in the sense that some people think they know something, and a lot of people know they know nothing . For example, I know a painter who made a very complex painting, which he offers in NFT. These spaceships are offered as NFTs. I’m going to do a musical number which will be an NFT. So, we don’t know very well what an NFT is. We know it’s not fungible, but what does that mean? And what is its future? Is it a work of art or is it a work of curiosity?

What do you think is the biggest misconception about NFTs?

I think there are a few people who speak very well of what it is. They know exactly what it is, so they’ll tell you. But most people know so little about it that it’s hard to dispute what they say. Only the truth will come out in due time.

What would you like people to understand about NFTs?

What people need to understand is what I understand, which is nothing. I understand very little, but I am in the creative joy of discovering. And that’s what we should all be doing. Affirmation and understanding — exploring and satisfying our knowledge through due diligence.

Beyond the aforementioned song NFT, are you working on any other iconic projects of yours?

Yes, I am doing NFT projects. We try to pick the right ones and find the right people to do them with.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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